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Quick Piping Tip

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Piping is a standard at L’Etoffe Fabrics. It just makes life a little bit better -

So just in case there was any piping anxiety out there I am posting just a quick piping tutorial - primarily for straight edges. Will add curves soon - when time allows. For this example I have used linen piping and denim. I used just a regular straight stitch foot and I stitched directly on the piping (going slow). If you have a half foot this is ideal, I find that piping feet that are too specialized don’t give you the control to stitch where you want to - just my experience.

  1. First, stitch the piping down to one side of your seam (red stitching) preferably adjacent to the piping stitching or closer to the piping. The point here is to give you a guide by which your final stitching will be placed.


2. Sandwich both layers of your seam together.


3. Flip over and stitch either directly over your previous stitching or a hair closer to the piping.


Tip: DP STudio Le 916 Asymmetric Cardigan Dress Straps

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If you get stuck on how to close the self lined straps, I hope this will help clarify the process. It's easy don't worry.

Once you have stitched the armholes and necklines - turned and presssed them - and stitched shoulder seams of the lining and dress together you are ready to close up the straps. This may seem like a puzzle at first. 

1. First, with the dress right side out, reach inside the strap and pull out the

first side to close - right sides together and stitch closed.

2. Now, from the bottom of the dress reach

inside the dress/top, between the lining and the exterior

dress fabric. Grab onto strap from the inside and pull outside. The dress

will now be inside out.


3. Stitch the second side closed (inside you will see the other side of the

closed strap) and turn to the right side and press. That's it!