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Dp Studio Le 603 Pattern: Working with Border Prints and Piping a Peter Pan Collar

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Paisley Border Print Cotton Voile Designer Surplus

Paisley Border Print Cotton Voile Designer Surplus

This is a great refined summer sewing project for a light cotton voile border print. The first step is to complete the piped collar and stand. Stylearc has a really straightforward tutorial on constructing the collar and stand here. For the piping I have some quick tips below:

First, interface both sides of the collar if you are working with sheer cotton - the seam allowances will show through if you don’t. I used a medium weight siri (buy here).


Sewing Tip:

When you sit down to attach the piping to the upper collar - start sewing (try not to use pins) and right before you reach the curve of the collar - stop, drop needle into fabric, clip the length of piping that will wrap the curve, clip about 1/2 to 3/4 into the tape, if you clip too far the notches will prevent a smooth curve, continue to sew SLOWLY placing the piping around the curve as you sew - make sure to stitch close to the piping as this line will be the guide.


When you sew the under and upper collars together, place the upper piped collar on top of the under collar using the stitching line (that attached the piping) as your guide. This will give you a perfect piped edge with no tape showing.


Don’t be discouraged to try challenging patterns!


Make Nine 2019

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I don’t usually participate in challenges but since moving back home to So California from Oregon - I need a new wardrobe and FAST!!!! Yes I am late to the game so will be double timing in the next 6 months. I look forward to offering any tips on the patterns I have selected. (This list is not exhaustive).


My Make Nine 2019 - The List:

  • dp’s from Dp Studio, Le_5002 Tunic/dress with low-set sleeves and plunging neckline

  • Dp Studio Le 100 One Button Suit Jacket

  • Susan Khalje Couture Boatneck Top

  • Tessuti Coni Tunic

  • Dp Studio Boiler Jumpsuit, Jacket and Pants (counts for 2 items)

  • Dp Studio Le 913 Bustier

  • Dp Studio Le 602 Asymmetric Shirtdress

  • Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Smaller Dress # 41 - free download here

DP Studio Le 001 Hoodie Project Finished!

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Includes kangaroo pockets, with or without hood, sleeves are extra long cut accordingly.