L' Etoffe Fabrics: San Diego, California

Sustainable Fashion Fabrics and Trims for Fine Garment Sewing


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Are your prices per yard? I need 2 1/8 yards of something.

Yes, all prices are per yard unless otherwise noted. Some items - like seam tape - are priced by a certain number of yards. To make a request for a fraction cut please use the button "CUSTOM ORDER/SWATCH REQUEST" at the footer of every page to make your request. You can also use this form to list your entire order. You will receive a Paypal invoice in the email used to contact us. Alternatively, you can make your order in your cart, round up to the higher yard, put a note in check out detailing the exact lengths needed and we will just refund you to meet your request. 

Do you have more than is available online? 

Usually, it is difficult with yardage to always keep exact inventory across three selling channels. Please feel free to request us to give you a current count of what is available. L'Etoffe Fabrics strives to provide an online boutique experience. Too many of us don't have quality fabric available at a local brick and mortar. Let us assist you with your project!

I belong to a sewing group and we would like to organize a visit to your shop. Can we make an appointment?

Yes, of course. You have some options. If your group can visit the shop on a Friday you will have the shop to yourself or you can visit in the morning before the shop opens or during shop hours. Just contact the shop and we will be happy to discuss your visit.

I don't like to order online, can I make a phone order?

Yes you sure can. The brick and mortar phone line is 541-603-2600. Available during shop hours or please email us with your callback number and we can can contact you to discuss your request.

I love your fabrics and supplies but I need to touch and feel before I order. Help!

Don't worry! You have a couple of options. Complementary swatches are available for almost any item we sell. To request please email the exact item title along with any color options if multiple colors are available or you can add items to your cart and send us a screenshot of your cart or you can call us and we can take your request over the phone. Please send your request via email to:

Alternatively, if you would like to consult us  - you can request a phone chat via email ( and we can discuss your projects along with color and fabric preferences. 

When I checked out to pay the shipping cost seemed really high. Why are you charging so much for shipping?

We refund shipping overages. It's hard for the computer to estimate the exact shipping cost on fabric particularly because both the weight and bulk of yardage contributes to shipping costs. If you think your shipping is too high proceed with your order and please make a note when you check out for us to double check the cost or feel free to contact us before you order to make sure your shipping cost will be what you expect. Unlike many online stores - L'Etoffe Fabrics does not capitalize on your shipping cost to generate a profit. Shipping overages will be refunded within $1 of what is charged. So if you were charged $10 for shipping and the actual shipping cost was 4.5. you will be refunded $5. 

I am concerned about the environment and the waste created from online shipping. What kind of materials do you use to ship?

Thank you for asking. Environmental concerns are very very important to L'Etoffe Fabrics. We don't print logos (which uses more ink on the shipping bags) and don't send you extra postcards, stickers, ribbons, etc. The polymailers we use are 100% recyclable and are made from between 50% to 88% recycled polyethylene. We use only kraft type tissue paper. All custom shipping boxes are made from 97% post consumer recycled content.